Case Study: Industrial Fittings Supplier

An Industrial Supplier in Need

An industrial fittings supplier sells products of various sizes and weight. They were struggling to find time in the work week for their employees to package small fittings that weigh only a few ounces. Lead times on these orders were way too long, and the sales weren’t even profitable because the owner of the company was paying his staff overtime to fill the orders.

He came to GHEF to see if we could help shorten the lag from when the customer placed the order to when it was fulfilled. Because this item has a very low price point, we performed a time study to gauge how many orders we could fill in an hour. GHEF charges this company an hourly rate for filling orders instead of a fulfillment fee per order.

The GHE Fulfillment Difference

Thanks to GHEF, the company now has a surplus of pre-filled orders and customers are getting their products in a few days instead of a few weeks. Additionally, due to the pricing structure, these SKUs are significantly more profitable than they were before GHEF. 

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Do you need to bootstrap a fulfillment operation for your startup? GHE Fulfillment has strategists and team members that can be onsite with a solution tailored to your scaling and cost needs.

*GHE Fulfillment currently does not work with food & beverage products or any hazardous materials.

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