Case Study: Fulfillment Kitting Services

A Client in Need of Increased Kitting Fulfillment

A university created a pilot program that sent energy efficiency items like LED lightbulbs and nightlights to income eligible households. During the pilot, the department staff and interns handled receiving and managing inventory, filling the kits, and even delivery. This was a monumental undertaking for them and outside of their normal scope of work.

The GHE Fulfillment Difference

In 2016, we took over their operation and helped them more than double their kit distribution to about 35,000 kits. The next year that went up to over 50,000 kits. GHEF orders inventory, creates the kits, and manages all delivery logistics. When needed, we leverage relationships with local LTL couriers for low-cost delivery. This work requires an added level of customer service, offering home delivery via the GHEF truck and offering inside delivery to community agencies.

Additionally, GHEF furnishes real-time data for all reports needed for funding. Since GHEF started order fulfillment for the university, we have successfully shipped over 250,000 kits.

Who Else We Serve


Industrial Components & Fasteners

Medical Equipment

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Fabricated & Primary Metals

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Do you need to bootstrap a fulfillment operation for your startup? GHE Fulfillment has strategists and team members that can be onsite with a solution tailored to your scaling and cost needs.

*GHE Fulfillment currently does not work with food & beverage products or any hazardous materials.

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